Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewall

Protect your cloud connected customers, their networks and devices

Our Cloud Generation Firewall provides secure, regulated and optimized access to your customer’s data and applications by protecting against network intrusions, advanced threats, and data exfiltration all from one centralized management console.

Flexible deployment options for MSPs include Virtual Firewall and Public Cloud Firewall versions, all subscription-based with no upfront fees.

Key Features:

Centralized control makes it easy for MSPs to deploy across multiple customer locations
Advanced Threat Protection, dual antivirus engines, and IDS/IPS protect against spyware
Full SD-WAN capabilities included
Intelligent traffic regulation prioritizes critical system performance
Template-based configuration for rapid setup

Security and Network Optimization.

The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is designed and built to provide comprehensive, cloud-generation firewall capabilities. Based on application visibility, user-identity awareness, intrusion prevention, and advanced threat protection, the firewall allows you to maintain the highest level of protection for your customers’ networks.

Integrated Security.

Our cloud generation firewall meets MSP requirements for reliable SMB network security and uptime. Energize updates provide hot fixes, patches, and firmware releases to ensure your customers are protected. Advanced Threat Protection provides resource intensive sandboxing technology, where malicious behavior can be discovered and blocked.

Integrated SD-WAN optimization and dedicated centralized management enables you to increase system availability for your customers while keeping administrative time and operating costs low..

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